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How Georgia O’Keeffe Cultivated Her Image & How You Can Too!

How Georgia O’Keeffe Cultivated Her Image & How You Can Too!

The Georgia O’Keeffe: Living Modern exhibit is currently on loan at the Nevada Museum of Art. The curator showcases how the artist cultivated one singular image in her paintings, pottery, décor, and dress. In short, she managed her brand exquisitely by employing these techniques:

  1. She Controlled the Camera – In virtually all of her photos, Georgia isn’t looking at the camera; instead, she is looking away. By posing herself, she reinforced an elusive image.

  2. She Wore Black & White – Starting in about 1920, Georgia started making elegant clothes focusing on simple lines and playing off the contrast between black and white. In the photo below, you’ll see her pop of color – another trademarked trait.

  3. She Wore Signature Pieces – Whether it was her pin made for her by Alexander Calder or a suede black belt with sterling silver pieces by Hector Aquilar, you see these items repeatedly. In essence, they served as her shorthand for communicating her brand.

  1. The Brand & The Person Were One – Since she was represented by Alfred Stieglitz, an art promoter and photographer, her paintings and her photograph were introduced to the world at the same time. The art community was introduced early and often to the woman behind the canvas adding to her fame.

What Georgia teaches us all is that refining and projecting one consistent image is key. Stop listening to naysayers who point out that you’re always wearing huge jewelry or red; good for you! Find your authenticity,

project it, and never let it go.

To your golden future!



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