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How Not to FALL Into Complacency: It’s Review and Renew Time!

I was listening to the last few words of my own introduction before a speech when I heard: “Liz’s new book How to Speak Gooder is now available for pre-order.” Ugh! My book has been available since June, but clearly, I forgot to update my materials!

This slight embarrassment triggered a review of my entire site. Guess what I found? Virtually everywhere presentation descriptions, coaching packages, and circumstances had changed.

Review Your Stuff Today!

With Wednesday as the official first day of Fall, now is not the time to fall into the familiar; today is the day to seize the moment and make a change for the better.

Check for yourself if your info is current and ask yourself these questions?

  1. Is my LinkedIn profile up to date? – When was the last time you looked at your information? Is it accurate? Do you have a photo? Are there keywords? Would someone want to connect with you based upon what’s there?

  2. Does my bio reflect who I am today? – Whether you’re an employee or entrepreneur, your bio must sell you. Does it have a “cool quotient?” Is it clear who you serve and why? Does it reflect your brand DNA?

  3. When was the last time I updated my products page? – I know, this part of revising your stuff is tough. It took me THREE MONTHS to revise my store. Take a look.  BUT, ask yourself: does it close the sale?What have you revised and why?  Please share in the comments below.

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