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How to Capitalize On A Hot Trend Like American Ninja Warrior

Have you tuned in yet? Over 5.7 million viewers have and apparently they like what they see. This reality TV show is a little like American Idol on an obstacle course, but with more fascinating wipeouts and tryouts. This show is hot, on-trend, and taking the country by storm.

Here’s the question: How can YOU capitalize on a trend?

  1. Adapt to a New Audience – Obstacle courses created just for office workers are springing up. Tough Mudder and Rugged Manic are boasting marathon leaps in traffic and interest.

  2. Modify by Demographics – Just as American Ninja Warrior was adapted from Japan, spin-off opportunities abound targeted just for women, kids, senior citizens, etc.

  3. Institutionalize It – Create camps, training, and certification programs for the next generation. Just look at the coaching industry: highly splintered with no one “owning” the entire industry.

  4. Create an Association – Perhaps a new industry needs a voice and you’re just the one to speak up. You get the media, the influence, and the credibility fueling the opportunity to build your own business.

  5. Mix It Up – Just as the new TV show The Choice sounds like a mixed-up combo of The Voice meets The Dating Game, you too can create a new experience but combining 2 winning items to create a new experience.

How have you capitalized on a trend? Please share with comments below!


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