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How to Fall in Love with Your Clients

5 Sweet Tactics that Work- Really!

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow. So, here’s my question: Are you in love with your clients? If not, here are 5 strategies to put your biz on a sweeter path.

  1. Pick the Right Partner – Not all prospects make good clients. Consider behavior, demographics, industry, or even psychographics to determine who is a good fit. Hint: past success often determine future success so take a look at which type of clients make you happy.

  2. Understand Who Is NOT a Match – Too much time is spent on understanding who your target is, but not enough time spent on who your target isn’t! If, for example, you are a phenomenal coach inside a company, you may find it impossible to book entrepreneurs as clients because you are simply too expensive. Don’t change your price, change your target!

  3. Determine if You LIKE The Person – Clients are people.  And, if you want the relationship to blossom, ask yourself:  Do I genuinely like them? Would I join them for a glass of vino? Would I play a round of golf?

  4. Fire a Client, If Necessary – If a client is driving you crazy, it’s time to say “adios!” Taking a poor assignment today will only cause you ingestion tomorrow. And, it steals your emotional energy that you need for the clients who do love and respect you.

  5. Get to Know Your Clients – Loving starts with liking so make sure you know enough about your clients to care. Listen. Ask questions. Invite them to a social event, recommend a book. And, here’s a litmus test I use with my clients: understand them well enough so that you could easily buy them a perfectly appropriate holiday gift right now! If not,

How do you fall in love? Weigh in below.

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