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How to Fire Up Your Brand


Cupcake Wars came to a dramatic close when contestants were challenged to bake a cupcake in the style of one of 4 Food Network stars. Bake a Bobby Flay confection? Create a Giada concoction? You betcha! 

Could your clients bake your brand? They could if you:

  1. Embrace a Signature Food – Wait! Of course, service brands can partner with a food. Doubletree serves up chocolate chip cookies, Ronald Reagan became the man behind the jelly bean, and my audiences know that I always reward hot ideas with Hot Tamales.

  2. Radiate a Consistent Style – Are you hip? Modern? Conservative? If I were cooking up a cake a la Usher, for example, it would be a cake pop because it is so “of the moment,” include a hip ingredient such as chipotle and chocolate, and be served up on a CD.

  3. Exaggerate a Characteristic – Fran Drescher’s brand would be rugelach (a delicious Jewish deli delight), Paula Deen could range from Southern fried corn fritters to even a turnover (representing her new, lighter life), and Scott Ginsberg’s cake would have to bare a nametag just like him!

What food represents you? Please share with comments below.

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