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How to Pick a Coach

As a TV-watching addict of The Voice, The X-Factor, and American Idol, I am screaming at the screen because whatever these celebrities are doing, it isn’t coaching! Britney Spears uttering “amazing” 20 times per hour isn’t helpful nor is Demi Lovato’s brilliant idea to makeover her protégés in her own image relevant. A coach should make you a better YOU!

How to Pick a Coach
  1. Experience and credentials – Do they have relevant experience? What’s their track record? What are their successes? Simply accreditation without hands-on experience isn’t enough.

  2. Do you like her? Coaching is an intimate relationship; you don’t have to become best friends, but you do have to like and respect each other.

  3. Is there constructive feedback? If you only ever get positive feedback, you have hired a “yes man“, not a coach; go try again!

  4. Does he have creative problem-solving skills? Ask for examples and solutions

  5. Do they ask good questions? Great coaching means asking the right questions to lead you to the answers.

  6. Are the sessions goal-focused? You can’t achieve your goal without a roadmap.

  7. What are the logistical arrangements? Is there a system? Is the session recorded? How do you schedule? What happens in an emergency?

Remember: a coach has to be a good fit; interview each other to reach your goals. Can I help? Please see my coaching options here and set up an appointment.

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