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How to Sell the Brand Called YOU

How to Sell the Brand Called YOU

4 Innovative Ways to Ace the Job Interview

I’ve been coaching a ton of folks lately who are interviewing for new jobs. They have secured the first phone interview and are adamant about getting to the next step.

Below are strategies that work not only for job interviews, but for entrepreneurs trying to close the deal.

  1. Punctuate your Point – As you answer a question such as “How are you with managing people?” pepper it with examples, case studies, stories, or numbers. Example: “I’m a very solid manager. In fact, over the last 5 years, 3 of my employees have been promoted and I earned the highest internal ranking of any manager in the company.”

  1. Create a Cheat Sheet – Of course, you have key points you want to make in every interview. Feel free to create 3 x 5 cards so you don’t forget. As they are asking, pull out the appropriate card in front of you and you won’t overlook a thing.

  1. Prepare An Answer To “Tell Me About Yourself” – You know it’s coming, so why not create a killer-good response. And, please don’t start with, “well….” Good answers include “As a marketing executive with 15+ experience, I’m passionate about turning strategy into bottom line results.” Incorporate your brand DNA; ensure that they understand your secret sauce.

  1. Ask a Closing Question – Remember: there is no selling unless you ask a question. It can be: “will you recommend me for the next step?” Or, “After today’s discussion, am I on your short list?”

What strategies work for you? What doesn’t? Share your story below…

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