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How to Smash, Lob, and Hit Your Way to the Top: 6 Biz Lessons From the French Open

  1. Believe You Can – The top 3 women’s seeds were all knocked out in the first week and the men’s Australian Open champ was upset in the first round in Paris! Every one of these upstart competitors believed in their heart they had a chance. Even Maria Sharapova, who lost the first set against Samantha Stosur, came back to take the 3rd set with fierce conviction depriving her Aussie rival of a single game. Remember:  If you don’t believe you can win the biz, don’t bother trying.

  2. Stick With What Works – Sloane Stephens was off to another slow start in her early round when she remembered to do what got her there: her forehand. In other words, time to give up on her backhand and focus on what was producing winners. If, for example, you keep trying a new segment and it’s not working, it might be time to stop doing what’s not working and focus on where you have had success.

  3. Work on Moving Forward – Players with poor work ethics fail fast in this game. Bernard Tomic has a world-renown reputation for not putting in the hours or “hard yards” as it’s called, to consistently win games.  Let me ask you: are you doing your follow up? Are you blogging? Are you doing the steps necessary week in and week out to get you where you want to be?

  4. Don’t Celebrate Too Soon – Even if it appears that you are en route to victory, don’t stop playing. Many victory celebrations have toured sour because of what I call “premature congratulations.” You’ve seen it at the Olympics and at this event; it’s not over until you are crowned the winner. Don’t believe me? Go see cyclist Eloy Tereuel celebrating his win, but in reality he still had one lap to go. BTW, he came in 56th! Your mantra: celebrate after you have the signed contract and retainer check in hand.

  5. Stay “In The Moment.” Early round hoopla was all about another Serena Williams vs. Venus Williams 3rd round match-up. The problem? The sisters were so focused on the third round, they forgot to win in the second round! Are you focused on what you have to do today?

  6. The Visual Brand Counts – Looking coordinated and professional projects that you are on your game. Agnieszka Radwanska brought Paris into bloom (and Twitter tongues talking) with her bright floral dress. Looking unkempt and “vanilla” doesn’t boost your chance of victory in the game of business.

I’ll be watching the finals on Saturday and Sunday. Let me know who you’re rooting for in the comments below!

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