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How to Smile Like Sabine Lisicki

The German tennis player, Sabine Lisicki, squelched Serena William’s 34-match winning streak by beating her in the Round of 16 at Wimbledon, but the real news is this: here is a player who loves to play.

In an era when tears, grunts, smirks, and anger rule on the tennis court, it is a whisk of fresh air to watch this “giant slayer” giggle, laugh, and even smile. She hits a ball waaaay out and she doesn’t hit herself over the head with a racquet (unlike some bad boys of tennis), but rather laughs. There is genuine joy in her play; there is joy in her work; shouldn’t there be joy in your work too?

Stop for a moment and ask yourself:

  1. Am I smiling today?

  2. Do I love what I do?

  3. If not, why not?

Today is the day; today is YOUR day; make it an amazing one!  All comments are welcome below.

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