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How To Speak Like Your Peeps to Connect… and Sell

How To Speak Like Your Peeps to Connect… and Sell

Speak Like Your Customers!

Unrealistic dialogue and copywriting are the death knell of books, sit-coms, TV commercials, and web sites. Who really cares about copy that states “we will partner with you to create a realistic and robust solution.” Huh?

What’s the lesson here? You must speak like your peeps (people)! Even in the business-to business space, you must keep It real. You think I’m kidding? Read below for examples I’ve heard professionals say about their businesses:

  1. “We make movable office furniture panels.” – he means cubicles!

  2. “We help prevent the S1N1 flu” – the swine flu!

  3. “We are a physician-based practice” – a group of docs!

  4. “I’m an attorney who…” – we call them lawyers!

  5. “We are a financial institution that uses financial instruments to….” – A bank that sells investments!

The Right Way to Write Realistic Copy

The best way to get real copy is to talk to real people.

  1. Ask Your Customers A Key Question – Don’t circulate a survey, but pick up the phone and ask your clients. Make sure to write down verbatim what they said: their language of how they speak about their pain or issue is golden.

  2. Read Amazon Reviews of Books in Your Specialty – Experts and everyday readers use the language their Note in particular the emotional words about the topic.

  3. Become a Better Eavesdropper – Have you ever really tuned in to the chatter before a meeting starts or a conference? Tune in and you’ll get a much better sense of how to write about your topic.

Your job? Start speaking like your peeps.

Have questions? Fire away!

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