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How to Tie Your Brand to a Number

The City of La Cañada, California just celebrated its once-in-a-lifetime coincidence of its zip code (91011) matching the calendar date (9/10/11) with one heck of a marketing campaign. This promotion got me thinking about how entrepreneurs can also use numbers to more closely tie together their marketing efforts. Below is a sample of promotions that perhaps will spark some ideas of your own:

1. For a speech in Philadelphia, I altered the price of the Goodgold Blitz from $1996 to $1776.

2. To commemorate the change of address of an art gallery to 724 Wells Street, the event was held on July 24 and started at 7:24 pm.

3. The Harlem Globetrotters all wore jersey number 44 in January 2009 to commemorate incoming President Obama as the 44th president of the United States.

What can you do? I welcome your comments.

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