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I’m Sorry: 4 Super Easy Ways to Deal with Your Goof

Ashley Madison, the secret way to have an affair gets hacked and the CEO has yet to issue its apology; really? There’s not even a notice of the event on its home page and the site still boasts “100% discreet” even though clearly your secret and that of 37 million other members is out!

How do they recover? How can you recover?

4 Super Easy Ways to Deal with Your Goof

Let’s face it, we all goof. But, how you deal with it matters. The best ways:

  1. Acknowledge the Problem ASAP– Don’t sweep it under the rug or pretend you won’t get caught because in this Internet-happy world you will!  Clearly, Ashley Madison has missed this point.

  2. Issue an Apology– If you’ve offended anyone or a group, just spit it out. Target immediately apologized after consumers complained about a T-shirt with the word “trophy” on it that was inadvertently sold in the girl’s aisle.

  3. Fix It– Go beyond talking to doing; take any action steps you can. The only action the on-line affair site has taken is to eliminate the $19 fee for permanently deleting your information.

  4. Incentivize Customers to Come Back– For one of my early clients in Chicago, we printed Bagel Bucks so that we could quickly apologize and give customers a reason to come on back for another bite.

When have you goofed and how have you fixed it? Please share your stories with me in the comments below.

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