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Is there Coaching Malpractice?

How to Pick a Biz Coach: 6 Key Questions to Ask

I’ve been utterly frustrated lately by meeting with entrepreneurs who are all operating without a sound biz and revenue plan. And guess what? All of them are paying over $1,000 per month to “coach” with an expert. How can that be?

You know that I believe in the power of coaching.  Heck! I’ve worked with over 200 clients in 2 years on creating business models that are sustainable and profitable. The difference here is that I provide a reality check, guidance, accountability, and an action plan.

In the interest of saving you from wasting any of your precious dollars on a coach, here are 6 questions you should ask:

  1. What is the bottom-line success of your clients?  Showing a pretty logo or website is not a barometer of success. Specifically ask about revenue growth.

  2. How much time do I get with you? Part of the problem with these entrepreneurs was that they were working with other members of the group as a “mastermind” and the coach isn’t even on the call! This is like a ship without a captain! Ask who, if anyone, leads the groups when the coach isn’t there.

  3. If you don’t lead all of the coaching, who does and how are they trained? I understand about growing fast, but a facilitator or coach still must have background and training similar to the head coach.

  4. Can I speak to your current and past clients? Speak to clients you find on the web, not just the names handed to you. As you look at the client list, ask yourself if their issues sound like your issues.

  5. What is your background and how does it apply in your coaching practice? My family used to laugh at infomercials where the huckster was selling a book about how to make a million dollars and his fortune was made only in selling the book! He never did practice what he taught. Make sure your coach has expert status.

  6. What specific issues do you tackle and can you share goals and accomplishments? Coaching is not a one-size fits all category. Understand your coach’s core competencies and how they measure success. For example, I do not sell myself as an on-line expert, but I do know branding and biz!

Please share your wisdom in the comments below.

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