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Is your brand in crisis?

3 Key Lessons from the Movie Our Brand is Crisis

Having just previewed the new movie Our Brand is Crisis, branding remains front and center on my brain (what a surprise!)

Branding Lessons from Our Brand is Crisis

  1. Create an Ownable Word – Sandra Bullock’s character jumpstarts a political campaign by rallying around the word “crisis.” Geoffrey A. Moore owns the word “chasm” based upon his books; Malcom Gladwell created the phrase “the tipping point;” Kaiser owns the word “thrive.” What’s your branded word?

  2. Pain Sells Better Than Prevention – Ask any caregiver and you’ll discover that it’s easier to book appointments when your client has just thrown out her back. Or, if he thinks he has cancer. On the other hand, selling the prevention message rarely breaks through the cacophony of clutter. What pain do you alleviate?

  3. Create a Consistent Image – The presidential candidate is constantly reminded to roll up his sleeves as a visual metaphor for digging in and getting the work done. Larry King still wears suspenders, Jlo highlights her best assets, and Hillary’s pantsuits have become her signature dress. What’s your visual image?

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