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It’s Legit to Quit! How to Stop Working on What’s Not Working & Invest in What Is!

It’s Legit to Quit!

How to Stop Working on What’s Not Working & Invest in What Is!

After watching breathtaking and awe-inspiring wins at the Olympics from Shaun White to Chloe Kim to Red Gerard, it seems almost un-American to suggest quitting, but sometimes, it’s legit to quit, especially when it comes to business.

In my years of coaching and speaking, I keep running across folks clinging to ideas that aren’t working. Let me give you a few examples:

  1. Keeping a bad name because it’s just too difficult to change it;

  2. Holding on to egregious biz cards because you still have 999 left in your garage;

  3. Clinging to your outdated website because you invested so much time on it.

Let’s be clear: your investment of time often has no correlation to your return on that investment. If it isn’t working, throw it away!Your investment of time has no correlation to your return on investment. Click To Tweet

For example, I created a lengthy quiz – Does Your Brand Sizzle or Fizzle? Trust me, you didn’t see it or take it; no one did. It took me over 22 hours to not just create the quiz, but to calculate the score, tell you what your brand was missing, and then start a campaign of follow up emails.

Know what I did this year? I basically threw it away! It doesn’t matter that I invested the time; it matters that it didn’t work.

BUT, I learned that quizzes work, but not 22 questions!!! A 7-question version is now available here: your #marketing isn’t working, throw it away. BUT answer the why’s and why nots? Click To Tweet

So, don’t just throw out the baby with the bath water; investigate why it wasn’t working; do some research, ask questions, interview prospects and clients.

Change is good, but change is hard. Despite what we say, most of us hate change; we get used to the status quo. Google Calendar just changed and ugh! I had to learn a new way; QuickBooks changes and I want to throw my PC out the window!

The bottom line here is: take a step back and analyze your business. Is organic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) really working for you? Is your blog bringing you traffic? Are your videos boosting your credibility? If not, find out why not and start trying something else.

What have you had the courage to quit this year? Tell me over at my blog.

To your sizzling success,


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