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It’s time for “Like-o-Suction”!

I can’t take it anymore! The infection is like everywhere, you know, like, it’s a disease, man.

It seems as if Americans can’t give an unscripted comment without peppering their talk with “like” every other word. From contestants on reality shows to witnesses on the news to teenagers talking, they “like” everything.

Now is the time to get on my crusade to officially perform Like-o-Suction! Let’s eradicate this word from our vocabulary unless you “really like me” as in show appreciation, warmth, or fondness.

Continue to speak in this fashion and you:

  1. Undermine your Credibility – Listeners assume you have nothing worthwhile to say and may tune you out.

  2. Limit Opportunities for Getting Hired, Promoted or Rewarded – Do hiring managers want employees who speak like that? I don’t think so!

  3. Appear Uneducated or as a Teenager Wannabe – No matter your age, good speaking skills earn respect and attention

Getting over these “speech bumps” isn’t hard; it just takes practice. As a mom with a teenager, I know it can be accomplished. Need extra speaking with your Like-o-suction ? I can help! Contact me about private coaching.

Join the campaign over at my Facebook page.

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