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Last Comic Standing Biz Principles to Steal! 5 Killer-Good Ideas to Boost Your Presence & Power

NBC just crowned the latest winner of The Last Comic Standing. Even though I’m betting that you’re not a stand-up comic, there are countless principles evident in this reality competition that will boost your presence and power if you employ a little R&D (rip off and duplicate).

5 Principles to Steal to Boost Your Presence & Power

1. Walk In Like You Own The Joint – This season’s winner, Clayton English, exuded confidence. He didn’t walk, he strutted!

Lesson: Don’t meekly enter a room, waltz in with a bold purpose.

2.  Don’t Fear the Audience – Ian Bagg made it to the semifinals because he watched and interacted with the audience. In one episode, he not only notices that some women aren’t laughing, but acknowledges it.

Lesson: Acknowledge your audience and adapt your talk as needed.

3. Remain Authentic – The very weird and wild Andy Erikson has a multitude of oddities from her voice, to her posture, to her clothes, and even pigtails! BUT, it’s not an act; she really is like that!

Lesson: be yourself.

4. Tell the Story & Then Cut it by 20% – Wanda Sykes coaches one contestant to get to the point quicker; she’s right.

Lesson: Less is more.

5. Tell Universal Stories – Contestant Dominque lost her way when she went on and on about false eyelashes. It might work for a women’s group, but not with a mixed crowd and 2 male judges.

Lesson: Ensure virtually every audience member relates to your story.

Yes! This is a comedy show, but the principles are spot on!

What’s your take on these business principles? Please share in the comments below.

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