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Leading you to Prospects: 5 Fabulous Ways to Make Content Marketing Work for You!

Leading you to Prospects: 5 Fabulous Ways to Make Content Marketing Work for You!

By: Sara Carter, Co-Founder of Enlightened-Digital

Content marketing is getting a ton of buzz from marketers today, ranging anywhere from collaborating with influencers to generating content with artificial intelligence. But have you considered its opportunity to generate leads for your business? The core of content marketing is creating and distributing valuable and relevant content. This not only gives exposure to your brand, it’s also a crucial element when establishing leads.

Here are five crucial content marketing tips to use when generating leads for your business:

  1. Demonstrate Your Brand Voice – A successful content marketing strategy exudes your brand voice. Keeping your tone of voice consistent across different styles of content is critical in brand recognition. You want prospective customers to be able to identify your brand as quickly as possible, whether it be a blog post, e-book, or even a podcast. It’s what sets you apart from your competitors.

  2. Utilize Commercial Keywords – Complete thoughtful keyword research before you start creating a piece of content. Commercial keywords, by definition, tell you what your prospects intend to buy. Inserting these keywords into your content puts the customer needs at the forefront and takes into consideration their intent for purchasing. Generating demand from a customer-first perspective creates a focus to target your audience, which results in an increased lead generation and successful media marketing. It also captures an audience further along in the sales funnel, who have a higher interest in purchasing.

  3. Exchange Content for Email Addresses – Long-form content such as whitepapers, webinars, research documents or e-books can all be utilized as “lead magnets.” Longer content can be exchanged for consumer email addresses, which can be added to your email marketing list. While your long-form content is initially “gated” to the reader, they’re granted access once they provide an email. This allows prospective leads to learn more about you and your brand, in turn, generating more qualified leads.

  4. Maintain Clear and Compelling Landing Pages – When creating gated content, as described above, it’s important that your landing page is easy to comprehend and navigate. Your potential leads should be able to understand immediately what information is offered in your content, why it’s worth their time and why it’s fair to ask for their email address in return. Connect with their buyer persona by utilizing the same tone of communication, create curiosity and relate to their buyer dilemma.

  5. Share Your Content on Social Media – You’ve spent time tuning your brand voice, creating content and establishing a proper page to host it on; you want to ensure you have the most eyes on it as possible. Sharing content on social media can open up your content to new leads that it might never have had otherwise. Your social media pages might have followers that your site doesn’t. It also drives traffic directly to the piece of content itself.

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