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Lessons from the best/ worst ads of the year

Lessons from the best/ worst ads of the year

It’s easy to get wrapped up in commercials and decide instantly that you love ‘em or hate ‘em. But, let’s delve a little deeper and master the key lessons.

Best Ad of the Year – Amazon: Priest and Imam Meet for Tea

Amazon continues its storytelling success with this heartwarming ad of 2 men of different religious backgrounds; each one recognizes the need for knee pads and with 1-click, they gift them to each other.

Lesson: Sometimes you don’t need to say a word to communicate a very loud message. Incorporate the power of story to boost recall.@Amazon wins again with heartwarming #ad; power of #storytelling Click To Tweet

Worst Rip-Off Ad of the Year – USPS Hippo

Our United States Postal Service has mastered the storytelling lesson, BUT it has made its ad look just like an Amazon shot. A girl gets infatuated with a hippo so the parents buy her a hippo everything.

Lesson: When your competitor has greater mindshare, all similar advertising makes you think of them, not you! I call this “mindshare infringement.”Most likely to be confused @Amazon ad is @USPS ad; #ImitationIsNotFlattery Click To Tweet

Most Compelling Ad of the Year – Apple’s The Human Family

When Maya Angelou speaks, we listen. Complemented with arresting photos and a compelling message, this ad dares you to avert your eyes.

Most Likely to Be Confused as an Apple Commercial

University of Phoenix Still I Rise Hearing another commercial by Maya Angelou reminds us of Apple, but ooops! It’s the University of Phoenix.

Lesson: With a voice as distinctive as Maya Angelou and a commercial as beautiful as Apple, you can’t use her voice again. It’s as if using Morgan Freeman’s voice for American Express; it’s owned by Visa.

Most Inspiring Ad of the Year

Barbie: You Can Be Anything In the firestorm over Barbie’s image and measurements, this ad quickly communicates the value of playing and the power of imagination.

Lesson: Girl power remains a strong and motivational message#GirlPower resonating @Barbie w/ Imagine the Possibilities ad Click To Tweet

The Overpowering Music Commercial

Jeep Grand Cherokee Designed to celebrate our differences, this TV commercial takes us on a journey to nowhere.

Most Inappropriate Comparison Ad

Panera or Something This commercial tries to make the comparison that just getting something to eat is comparable to learning to drive or solving the world’s problems. Wrong!

Lesson: Sometimes a sandwich is just a sandwich. And for me and you, it means that there are impulsive purchases that aren’t worthy of lengthy sales messages and big purchases that warrant the extra attention.Stop comparing grabbing a sandwich to driving or a degree @Panera Click To Tweet

What did I overlook? Do you agree? Leave your comments.

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