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Lessons from the Oscars

Billy Crystal’s hosting of the Oscar’s boosted ratings from last year on Sunday nite. What can we learn from the telecast?

  1. It’s Possible To Make A Ton Of Noise Without Uttering A Sound – With 5 awards, including Best Picture, The Artist shows us that sometimes, going  against the crowd is the best way to influence friends and voters. If everyone in your industry is filled with color, perhaps black and white is an option.

  2. Remember Your Brand And Its DNA – The Academy is all about tradition and glamour. Young, hip hosts like last year’s Anne Hathaway and James Franco contradicted this image.

  3. Be Ready for Your Moment – Whether you are the favorite or the long shot, embrace your moment with a memorable outfit, semi-rehearsed heartfelt words, and a short message.  Look to Octavia Spencer, Jean Dujardin, or the grand dame, Meryl Streep, for inspiration.

  4. Leverage Every Opportunity – With less than $30 million worth of ticket sales before the Oscars, look to the Best Picture winner to exponentially boost its exposure and revenue.

Read about  Oscar advertising here, including my 2 cents, from The Huffington Post:

What was your takeaway? I welcome your feedback.

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