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Make Your Resolutions Stick!

How to Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions: An Interview With Rhana Pytell

With the new year come expectations and hopes, but how do you turn your resolution into a reality?

I interviewed Brighter Step founder Rhana Pytell who has created an app that turns your positive thoughts into a permanent change.

Q: Do New Year’s resolutions have a better chance of working than at other times of the year? 

A: No. Research shows that 46% of Americans make New Year Resolutions and only 8% are kept.

If you miss the start mark of the New Year, it is a good idea to establish a date and time that is meaningful to you. For example, I asked a high-powered attorney when he quit smoking. He replied:  March 25th, 1992 at 2:15 in the afternoon. Whoa! Knowing the date gives us an ongoing reason to celebrate.

Q: What’s your #1 recommendation to make our resolutions stick?

A: Create a step-by-step action plan; take baby steps that lead to a brighter step towards the new you; make change doable and add larger resolutions as you become successful.

Q: Why do most resolutions fail?

A: Because we rely on our will power alone and that is not enough. Instead, we each need “Why Power.”

Q: So, what is “why power?”

A: “Why Power” makes it easier to say “yes” to resolutions and “no” to interference.

WHY is much bigger and more meaningful than “losing 10 lbs”; it is drilling down to understand all of the motivations and expectations. If we understand the “why,” we are far more likely to stick with the resolutions.

Q: Can you give me an example?

A: Yes! My client had an “aha moment” when he realized that his “Why Power” was his desire to be healthy and active to enjoy life with his kids and grandkids. With that “Why” in mind, his resolutions rise to the top of his priority list and become non-negotiable.

Q: How do we stay motivated when we don’t feel like we’re getting anywhere? For example: if we quit smoking, we are not “seeing” any visible improvement within the first week.

A: Quitting smoking is huge undertaking and (read more)requires an Olympic-sized “personal why” to make it through the nicotine withdrawal in those first few weeks. With that in place, a person is less worried about seeing signs of improvement and more focused on her larger goal. One guaranteed noticeable improvement is that quitting smoking always produces more “free time” in a day. That is a great motivator for busy productive people. It is amazing how much time is spent managing that habit.

Q: Does a “buddy system” work? If so, how?

A: “buddy systems” are helpful when they are created for accountability and positive support. Finding someone to celebrate our successes with is a great idea for keeping us on track. We need supportive people that are positive and great company on our resolution journey!

Q: Can biz goals be resolutions too?

A: Absolutely! Accomplishing business goals requires attention, commitment and implementation of best practices. Every business is unique.

Personally, I am working on my 5th startup, BRIGHTERSTEP. However, all require systems for ongoing marketing and branding, product and service development, customer acquisition, and financial management. When we are weak in any of these areas, it is vital to look at where making resolutions for improvement and change are needed.

Q: If I could only commit to one change this year, how do you recommend I go about it?

A: Here are my recommendations:

  1.  Know your “Big Why” for making this change. Make that very visible in your life. Put it at the top of your daily planner or “to do” list.

  2. Make a plan that is doable. Keep adjusting it until you have a pattern of success.

  3. Celebrate and share your success.

  4. Stay Grateful.

About Rhana Pytell

Rhana Pytell is a personal reinvention expert, entrepreneur, and speaker who is on a breakthrough mission to help you make your positive changes permanent. If personal or business reinvention is on your “to do” list then sign up for 90 days FREE and access your planning, reminder and tracking tools at use the code: Success2014 (..a RedHot gift to launch your success in 2014 courtesy of RedFireBranding)

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