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Movin’ on up to Orange County!

Can You help me find new connections in Orange County?

After 18 years in San Diego, it’s time to say adios. My business has steadily been moving north – up to bigger companies, clients, trainings, and speeches. And, with my “little one” heading off to Northeastern U in the fall (big yeah!), now’s the perfect time to make a move.

As I get ready for the August 1 big date, I’m asking for your help:

  1. Who should I meet in Orange County?

  2. What are a few of your fave groups?

  3. What’s one of your special restaurants?

  4. Who knows an organization that would benefit from one of my talks?

AND, if you’ve wanted to chat and coach with me, but felt I was too far away, seize the moment! Just schedule a “let’s get to know each other” coffee at your convenience. (No fee, no commitment, no kidding!)

To my San Diego friends and clients: don’t worry, I’ll be in town at least one day per month to see your smiling faces.

With love and hugs from America’s Finest City,


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