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My 5 Favorite Things for Boosting Productivity & Profits

My 5 Favorite Things for Boosting Productivity & Profits

With an homage to Oprah, here’s a list of my fave things for business:

1.Fave Travel Accessory: A 10-foot Phone Charging Cord – I’m tired of moving the furniture, hunting for an outlet, or charging my phone in the bathroom. Here’s my secret: a looooooong cord. Get one!

  1. Fave Calendar Program: Acuity Scheduling – Before Acuity, clients would forget appointments, but no more. Its best feature is putting photos next to the appointment types so it’s easy to “see” what you’re scheduling.

  2. Fave Mantra: Revenues Before Expenses – So many of my clients want to get a fab, new website, take credit cards, and create promotional products, but all of that can wait. You need a business card and a LinkedIn profile to start your business. Initially, that’s it! When money is flowing, please invest in your business with a good site, follow up strategy, promotional products, and the like.Before investing a lot of money ON your business, start bringing money IN to your business. #RevenuesBeforeExpenses Click To Tweet

  3. Fave Resource for Boosting Productivity: My Assistant – When it’s time to scale your biz, you need an assistant. I’m fortunate to delegate tasks that I shouldn’t be doing to Rachael Davila. She schedules my email blasts, posts on social media, finalizes contracts, and updates my website. In short, because of her, I was able to grow my revenue this year.

  4. Fave Automation & CRM: Get Response – After years of frustration with Infusionsoft (“Confusionsoft!”), I’m delighted to use a system that is logical, easy, and reasonably priced. For $49, my posts, email blasts, and even webinars are all hosted under the roof of Get Response.

Now that I’ve shared my favorite business things, what are yours? Leave a comment below.

To your sizzling success!


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