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My Top 10 Tweets of the Year on Marketing & Branding

My Twitter feed spouts #marketing and #branding observations. And, even if you’re not one of the 35 million active users, I trust you’ll enjoy these juicy tidbits.

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  1. Fab subject line @Target #emailmarketing: Yule love our electronics deals

  2. New #word of the day: cybermyalgia. Aches and pains from too much texting or surfing

  3. The Bread Barn having fun with all of the passerbys who ask: does your bread contain gluten?

  1. Great email subject line from @Staples – your printer is hungry

  2. Loving the new door hanger from San Diego County Library: SHHHHH! I’m reading 1,000 books!

  1. The CIA ….maybe we’ll run out of stories and have to tweet cat photos. #CIACat #Twitterversary

cia cat
  1. Showing her humorous side, Hillary Clinton unveils her T-shirt which is a picture of a pantsuit!

  1. Goodbye #VinceCamuto My feet will miss you and your shoes.

  2. Adding peas to guacamole causes uproar! I named it mocamole!

  3. AND, Finally coffee for me (and other fine redheads everywhere!) compliments of @Wendy’s

redhead roasters

Did I miss yours? Go ahead and tweet me @LizGoodgold or share below on my blog.

To a sizzling, happy, healthy, and lovin holiday and new year!


PS: I’m on every Tuesday on Reelz dishing branding commentary. Tune in! I welcome your comments.

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