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Names that sizzled/fizzled this year

Whoa! What a great year for new words and new brands; here’s my take on what sizzled and what fizzled:


FizzledSelfie – Even Obama joined the craze at Mandela’s funeralDigin – Pronounced “dijen” from The Today Show; not digging this one!Twerking – Thanks Miley.Phablet – This term just sounds awkwaaaard!Carfirmation– Hertz gets the green light!Scenticles– Scented icicles that rhyme with ______?Bergdorf GoodmanGoodman’s– The new name of the men’s store only it should have been called….Bergdorf’s!Pret- a – Porter – a great fashion site.Net-a-Reporter – Fashion from The Hollywood Reporter; sounds confusingly similar to me to the other, um, Pret –a PorterZzzQuil – Sleepy addition to NyQuil line upBum – Cottonelle’s misguided approach to talk about what we don’t want to talk about!Ingredion –  Fab name change from Corn Products Int’lPink Slime – No wonder the industry is up in arms about the term coined for Lean Finely Textured BeefHairroin – Only in LA will this name work; rest of country still trying to pronounce it!Vom – Do we really need to shorten 2 syllable words?Satisfries – Burger King’s 2012 whopper of a calorie-laden side orderCarmelistic – Skinny Cow’s way to describe caramel flavor; sounds bitter to me!Sharknado- Came in with a whoosh..and with a bite! Saving Mr. Banks – This movie is the Shawshank Redemption of 2013; great movie, forgettable name!Whackhand – Created by the Tennis Channel for those wacky, missed backhandsDroop Shot- An unworthy drop shot, but sounds dopey to me.Leaducation – Worthy not-for-profit that educates on dangers of lead.Osamaland – I’m not making this up! Plans abound to create an amusement park in the tranquil country of Pakistan.Twitterverse – Welcome!Like – Can we just, er, um, like perform like-o-suction and get a better term? Facebook: are you listening?

Share your best names in the comments below.

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