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Nine West Has an Oooops Moment

Here’s the email subject line from one of my fave shoe brands: “Nine West LOVES Color for Spring.” Open it up and you are faced with the entire screen filled with black and white photos. Only if you keep scrolling do you finally see color!

What’s the Lesson for Entrepreneurs? We, as entrepreneurs, must become our own, walking talking mascots for our brand. Even in subtle ways, we must walk our talk. Let me give you a few examples.

  1. If, you are funny speaker, like coaching client Karyn Buxman, of course you must demonstrate humor in unusual ways. Notice that in her new book, What’s So Funny About Diabetes, even her appendix is relabeled as “Ruptured Appendix.”

  2. If you bill yourself as an organizational expert who gets rid of excess clutter, then you must also use an economy of words too, just like my fab virtual assistant, Mandy Rodriguez.

  3. And, if you promote having candid conversations to create strong leaders, like my client, Esther Weinberg, then you must be willing to initiate those conversations. And, she does!

How do you live your brand? I want to hear!

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