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No Whining About Wine Marketing Here

No Whining About Wine Marketing Here:

David Swift Phinney is a marketing genius! In 1998 he opened the Orin Swift winery and a brand was born. A few keys to his success:

1. Make it Simple – He didn’t try to teach you appellations or complicated varietals. Instead, he created blends and put easy-to-pronounce brand names on the bottle: The Prisoner, Slander, Abstract, China Doll, etc. In fact, he grew The Prisoner label so rapidly to 85,000 cases that he eventually sold it to Huneeus Vineyards in 2000 for a reported $40 million! (Note: In 2016, the label was sold again; this time to Constellation Brands.)

What It Means for You: Don’t overcomplicate your message; have an easy 7-Second Hook™ so people quickly understand who you are and what you do. Secret to great #marketing & #branding? Make it simple! Click To Tweet

2. Arresting Images – In an era of cute animal images, Phinney created visually stunning bottles.

What It Means for You: Stand out! If everyone is black, you might need to be red, for example. Stay awake from tired images (ugh! Please don’t show me any more handshakes for example, on your website.) Look for a way to consistently package all of your products and services. Create visually stunning images for your packaging Click To Tweet

3. Back it Up With Quality – These wines aren’t just a marketing game; they are genuinely delicious and high-scoring wines. In other words, there was substance behind the brand.

What It Means for You: Make sure you’re marketing quality. If you doubt the quality of the product that you’re selling, you’re doing a disservice to both you and your customers. Because, you need, the satisfaction of doing business with you to linger just like a fine wine from Orin Swift.

Need help with your pitch? Let me know! I love creating red-hot, sexy soundbites that turn heads…and get you funded.


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