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Practice What You Speech! Branding 101: The 7 Essentials For Building Your Brand

Practice What You Speech!

Branding 101: The 7 Essentials For Building Your Brand

Oy vey! I’ve been so overwhelmed with work that I nearly forgot to blog and share brand insight and opinion this week. But, then it hit me that I must walk my talk or as I say, “practice what I speech!” I’m frustrated when I run into entrepreneurs who forget their business cards or don’t have a website, or a social media following and dismiss it as “oh, well, the shoemaker has no shoes.” I believe the shoemaker should wear Gucci’s or Marmi!

I get it: it’s tough to juggle doing the business while still marketing the business!

If I stop marketing today, I’ll feel the negative effects later – perhaps as early as 3 months. So, as you’ll see below, I’m revising a number of key branding elements that are crucial to boosting the mindshare that builds market share.Never stop #marketing! If you do, you’ll feel the negative effects in about 6 months. Click To Tweet

7 Essentials of Building Your Brand

1. Revise Your LinkedIn Profile– Just like other social media, it should be written in the first person and the summary should sell the brand called YOU! It is not a resume so don’t treat it like one with simply dates and accomplishments. Share your brand DNA, tell the reader what you’re passionate about, explain why you work in your field, etc. If you don’t have a website, make LinkedIn your website! Connect with me.

2. Act Like A Thought Leader– It’s essential to share your point of view. Easy options include:

a. Blog– you do have a blog, right? (Thanks for reading and sharing!)

b. LinkedIn Posts & Shares– You need not write your own material, but curate it too from other sources.

c. Speaking– Speaking at conferences, seminars, and panels positions you as the expert. Join me for my next public gig at DisruptHR

d. Media Appearances – TV, radio, and podcasts show you in action with your point of view.

e. Social Media– Sharing your message on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest solidifies your image. (No, you don’t have to do all of the platforms; I suggest picking one even if it’s LinkedIn.) I still love Twitter!

f. By-Lined Articles– Contributing an article or op-end pieces to your industry publication, local business paper also works well.

g. Webinars and On–Line Summits– Tele-summits and online webinars are great avenues for demonstrating your expertise.

h. Book Author– Yes, books take time and effort, but they truly work as your calling card. (I’ve written three of these)

3. Display Current Photos– No photos from 20 years ago or 20 lbs. ago! And headshots have evolved so that it’s no longer just the pose and smile in a blue suit jacket. If you look around this page, you’ll see that my photos are from just a few weeks ago.

4. Update Your Website – Content must immediately announce the problem your customers have and how to solve it. Kill the cobwebs and delete outdated info. For a sneak peak of my new site, head over here.

5. Articulate Your Point of Difference– Too many businesses believe B2b = Boring 2 boring! Have the courage, chutzpah, and cajones to flex your vocabulary, demonstrate your personality, and show why you’re better and different than your competitors. Stuck here? Give me a buzz to discuss.

6. Remain Consistent– How you act today is how I expect you and your brand to look, sound, and behave tomorrow. Consistency builds loyalty.

7. Create a Fabulous Business Card– Business cards are almost the last bastion of something you print so make them count! No Vista Print or cookie-cutter business cards allowed. Splurge on them as they are the key to a great first impression.Building a #brand requires a point of difference and consistency; Consistency builds loyalty. Click To Tweet

Are you committed to your brand? Will you commit to the above steps? What’s working for you or not? I’m all ears.

To your sizzling success,


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