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Practice What You Teach

Practice What You Teach

And, here’s one that also made me laugh: Try texting from your Apple  iPhone about the new iPad; no matter what you do, the spellchecker will change  the noun to “uPas.” Now, I don’t know what “uPas” means, but I think Apple’s spellchecker  should be updated.

What’s the lesson here:  We all make missteps (myself included!). But when you are the expert in a particular field, it’s doubly important to check, recheck, and check again. In other words, this example would have been ho-hum coming from Williams-Sonoma because its expertise is gourmet cooking, not email. We must fight against the clich E9 that the shoemaker’s  children have no shoes; I believe the shoemaker and her children should wear Gucci’s!

Here’s a sizzling example of someone who practices what she teaches: Alexandria Brown. Known as the E-Zine Queen, Ali coaches hundreds of entrepreneurs each year, delivers sold-out seminars, and of course, writes her own weekly e-zine called “Highlights on Marketing and Success. The best part?  Take a peek at her subject lines; they are always hot!


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