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September Red Hot Seminar – Creating a Buzz-Worthy Team: An Entrepreneur’s Guide To Hiring the

With Liz Goodgold & Liz Pagano

Wed, September 12, 2012

9 am  – 1 pm

at Hera Hub Sorrento Valley


All business owners must delegate tasks so that they can focus on what they do best. But, how do you hire a virtual assistant? How do you determine who is the best candidate to design your web site? If you simply take a wild guess, the mistakes are costly.

Instead, come to this whopper of a workshop where Liz Pagano, a seasoned HR executive, and Liz Goodgold, a branding expert, share how to hire the right people for the job and your brand. Discover how to:

6 Key Take-Aways from This Seminar:

  1. Goof proof your recruiting process so that you hire the right people the first time and every time.

  2. Align candidates with your brand so that they project the right image to prospects and clients

  3. Give positive reinforcement so that your team feels inspired and happy to work with you…really!

  4. Gauge salaries and the going rate so that you know what’s fair and what’s not

  5. Vet references, past history, and even the 7 red flags you need to recognize on every resume…and it’s not what you think!

  6. Talk to an under-performing contractor or employee so that you get the results you want. (We’ll actually role play this scenario).

PLUS: Bring your questions and tough HR issues!

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