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Signs of the Times?

How to Make Your Signs Funner and Consistent With Your Brand

Every business has “policies,” procedures, and signs. But, here’s an idea: how ‘bout if you brand your signs so that they’re consistent with your brand image?

  1. Chipotle sign doesn’t say 10- minute parking only, it says “Burrito loading zone!”

  2. Jimbo’s delivery truck commands: “Follow me to the nearest Jimbo’s”

  3. Crate & Barrel’s clearance rack boldly says: “Bottom of the Barrel.”

  4. Instead of the boring message that the driver of a retail truck carries no cash, 99¢ Only stores frighten thieves with this: “Driver carries only 99 cents!”

  5. New Mexico Muffler proclaims: “No appointment necessary, we’ll hear you coming!”

  6. The City Cat Doctor of Chicago has a few precious parking spaces with this sign: Parking for patients only; all others will be scratched and neutered.”

  7. Shelton’s Organic Chicken truck has this message: Our chickens don’t do drugs.”

Since I write with tongue firmly in cheek, my short-distance speaking contracts request “First Class Airfare on Southwest Airlines.” Think a moment: Southwest doesn’t have first class!

How can you make your boring signs funner? What are you favorite signs?

Please share in the comments below!

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