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Sizzle vs. Fizzle: Top 10 Halloween Promotion Ideas & How to Make Them Work for You!

Sizzle vs. Fizzle: Top 10 Halloween Promotion Ideas & How to Make Them Work for You!

It’s that time of year when brands tweak out for Halloween. From emails to direct mail postcards, promotions are flying like a bat at of heck (oh, you get the idea). But few of them are spooktacular.

Read on to see what sizzles and what fizzled. Most importantly, see how you can adapt your marketing to cash in on the Halloween buzz.

Halloween Promotions That Sizzle:

  1. Knott’s Scary Farm: From September through November 2, Knott’s Berry Farm converts into an event where “nightmares never end.” Wicked smart!

  2. Chipotle’s Boo-rito deal; dress up in a costume on Halloween from 3 pm until closing and you score a burrito for just $4! A killer-good deal saving you at least three bucks.

  3. Target’s Hide & Eeek- A great way to name its entire in-store Halloween section.

  4. Total Wine’s Spooky Boos – Boos/Booze – my fave!

  5. Etsy- “Crafternoons” is the name of its afternoon session for employees putting together treats.

  6. Forks Over Knives – Scary-Good Halloween Recipes; I’m eating this one up!

  7. Land’s End – 31% off your order – nice homage to October 31, right?

  8. Reno Christian Fellowship – Trunk or Treat for its tailgating Halloween event

  9. Kate Spade – Hide & Chic – just gorgeous with a model taking on and off a mask.

  10. Halloween Oreos – Orange cream centers and 5 different designs. Have you seen or tried these?

Halloween Promotions that Fizzled:

  1. Geico –Happy GEICOween- GEICO has lost its brain, body, and creativity with this variation.

  2. Starbucks’s – Broomates – takes too long to explain that these are treats to dig your fangs into.

  3. Kohl’s – An Extra Sweet Treat – meh and predictable.

  4. Defenders of Wildlife – This year it’s no tricks, all treats – really? That’s the best it could do?

Steal These Headlines:

And, if you’re all outta bloody-good ideas, steal one of these!

  1. Give ‘em pumpkin to talk about

  2. Ghoul’s Night Out

  3. FangTastic Feast

  4. Dead Man’s Party

  5. Oh, my gourd -we have specials!

  6. We’re not jerk-o-lanterns!

  7. Bone to be wild

  8. Bugs and kisses

  9. Bone Appetit!

  10. Shake your boo-ty

To your sizzling success! Liz

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