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Spring Cleaning for Biz: 5 Quick Fixes to Start Fresh this Spring

I just finished cleaning out my house for a recent garage sale. And, then it hit me: Boom! Spring Cleaning works for your biz too. Here’s 5 ideas on how to use this time of year for good.

5 Quick Fixes to Start Fresh this Spring

  1. Clean Up Your Visual Brand – I finally donated 3 expensive, navy blue suits. Why? As I told my son, it’s no longer me. (Don’t you think?) So, here’s my suggestions:

  2. Evaluate if your wardrobe projects the right image

  3. Determine if it’s time for an image upgrade

  4. Stop holding on to clothes that don’t fit!

  5. AND, please have photos that represent you today, not 20 years or 20 lbs. ago!

Resources: – Lauri Loesch www.blueflairphotography – Stefanie Blue`

  1. Declutter Your Mind – Your brain can only hold about 7 items in its virtual “to do” list. So, create a repository for all of those pesky tasks that are bothering you. In this manner, you can focus and these items aren’t forgotten!

  2. Keep a notepad next to your bed

  3. Use an app on your iPhone

  4. Write out your list on your computer

  5. Hire a concierge to run those errands for you!

  6. Delegate projects

Resources: – Marcie Laws – Mandy Rodriguez

  1. Refresh Your Biz Strategy – What you thought was gonna work in January, may not be working now. Since it’s still early in Q2, change now!

  2. Implement one new program, offering, or promotion that you’ve been putting off

  3. Get rid of clients, tasks, and work that doesn’t make you happy

  4. Run the spreadsheet on your source of income

  5. Review your cash flow

  6. Itemize expenses

Resources: – Gail Kraft – Mara Hoover – Lenka Holman

  1. Revamp Your Daily Grind – If you’re finding that you’re losing productivity, switch things around:

  2. Try turning off email during certain times

  3. Use a timer to focus on one task at a time

  4. Seize your “best” time for tough work – For example, I’m clearly a morning person; all writing happens between 5 am and 10 am

Resources:  – Ellie Pope

  1. Automate Your Biz –You know that there has to be a better way. Explore how technology can take pressure off of you and get you working

Resources: – Lisa Schulteis

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