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Stop Wishing And Start Doing!

Stop Wishing And Start Doing!

The Power of Baby Steps to Reach Your Goal

  1. I’m tired of excuses; please don’t tell me that I don’t understand – I do!

  2. Don’t tell me that I don’t know what it’s like to be working on fumes for dollars – oh, I’ve been there!

  3. Please don’t give me the excuse that you are busy – we are all busy, but we all choose how to spend our time.

This blog is about getting noticed, getting the attention, getting to the right person to fulfill your goals. It’s about giving up on dreaming and start doing. Let me be clear: opportunities don’t just plop in your lap; you earn them. #Entrepreneurs Mantra: Opportunities don’t just happen; you earn them! Click To Tweet

If you have your eyes on the prize (get promoted, win more clients, take more vacations, etc.), then make it happen. Break it down into baby steps so you are walking towards your goal.

If, for example, you want to get more speaking gigs, let me ask you:

  1. How many phone calls did you make today?

  2. How many new conversations did you have with meeting planners?

  3. What did you do to enable more people to see you and hire you?

Nothing comes easy; not for me and not for you, but I often adopt this mindset: I refuse to be ignored! If I don’t get a return phone call, I’ll email, if I don’t connect on LinkedIn, I’ll find another way. If I believe I can really help a client grow her business, I’ll set up a meeting!44% of sales people give up after ONE follow up. Yikes! Don’t be one of those. Click To Tweet

I’ve written before about the importance of the correct follow up and there is a balance needed between persistence and stalking. But, I also know, that we are all busy and often my priorities aren’t yours. I might have to try later, reschedule, or calendar you for a different time when our priorities intersect. I once got hired EIGHT year after a company first saw me speak! They never forgot me because I stayed connected to them throughout all of that time.

I start every morning with action steps to grow my business. I’ll focus on new business in the early waking hours before servicing clients (those tasks come later in the day). Oh, and let me tell you I have set backs. So, what do I do?

I celebrate the small victories (woo hoo! Got the appointment), I acknowledge when there isn’t a fit (a “no” is often good to get you focused on the “yes”), and sometimes I just kvetch to my hubby (thanks, honey!), but these are the ways I stay sane.

If you’re ready to truly achieve a goal, write down one essential action step; just ONE! That’s all you need right now. Focus on that step and pursue it daily – no exceptions and no excuses.  And, let me know or comment below how it works.



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