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Taco Bell’s Spicy Response

Taco Bell Fights Fire with Fire!

Perhaps you were bombarded with the hot news that Taco Bell’s “beef” taco is only 35% beef. The topic and never-ending coverage seemed to

be everywhere! (Wasn’t there bigger news going on in Egypt?).

Regardless, Taco Bell took to the media and Internet to confront and contradict these charges. The best response? Full page ads proclaiming: “Thank you for suing us.” Pow! Right in the kisser!

This fast feeder posted retorts on Facebook, videos on YouTube, and even purchased the key words “lawsuit”, “taco,” and “bell” on Google. The result? The company’s response is the first search engine result..Wow!

What’s the Lesson Here?

Fighting back is a valid and powerful tool vs. idly sitting by while your name or reputation is sullied. You too could take a page from Taco Bell by creating content (video, press releases, blog entries, etc.) that can help push your opponent off of the first page of Google search results.

How about La Crème taking on non dairy creamer? Its ads picture plastic, toy cows on a Faux Farm with the headline: “And where did you think non-dairy creamer came from?” It is udderly funny!

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