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The Power of Focus

Last week I was talking to my hubby and not watching where I was walking. Boom! I walked right into my bright orange sales box and promptly went down howling in pain. After one week, my toe remains broken, my foot is black and blue (a little yellow too), and it still hurts to walk. So, what’s the point?

Taking my eye off of my goal caused significant pain – and whimpering too.

  1. I learned that not being able to stand is a major disadvantage

  2. I discovered that laundry isn’t going to magically wash itself

  3. I realized that one week without exercising makes me and everyone around me miserable

  4. I tuned in to the fact that no one can give my talks, but me!

Multi-tasking is a fallacy. It simply means you do everything poorly; it’s time to give it up!

When I coach even on the phone, I turn off my cell phone, I shut down every single screen on my PC, quiet my surrounding and focus. When your clients talk, are you listening? When your spouse is talking, do you hear him?

The airline emergency warnings are right: put your mask on first and then put on your child’s. If you don’t take care of you, you can’t take care of others.

Wishing you health, focus and sizzling success!

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