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The Power of Options: Offer Different Products, Packages & Programs to Close Sales

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It’s spring so I was in a shoe-buying frame of mind. A cute and comfortable pair of shoes called my name at Aerosoles. I requested size 7 ½ and they brought me that one pair of shoes in size 7 ½; I didn’t like the way they fit so I walked out without buying a thing. I then scooted over to Marmi Shoes. I found 2 gorgeous pairs, but before they brought me the 2 pair, the astute saleswoman asked me about my feet and life. I explained my tricky plantar fasciitis feet, the 2 broken toes, and the need to wear shoes that are comfy enough for me to breeze through a day of speeches, sales training, and networking without the “dork factor.”

Voila! She brought me FIVE pairs including one in size 8 because as she said, “they run small.” I bought 4 out of the 5.

So, what’s the lesson here? Always give your prospects options to close the sale.

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How To Offer Different Products, Packages, And Programs

We are not in a one-size fits all world; many clients often only want a luxury option, so give it to them! And, remember: it’s rarely just about price.

I recommend to my clients that they have offerings similar to airlines with a first class, business class, and economy offering. It’s essential to have different amenities (as in “with 6, you get eggroll”) and wildly divergent price points. It’s even better if you can name your offering within your brand naming architecture; for example, I offer a bronze, silver, and Goodgold package.

AND, here’s the other secret: never offer more than 3 options. Of course, you have more than 3 product offerings, but a confused prospect doesn’t buy. Instead, make a recommendation based upon their needs.


Look at app pricing for inspiration and you’ll see a fairly standard chart of how many users and the different features at each price point. At Acuity Scheduling, for example, you see this:



How can you create your packages so that you can lay them out on a grid?

What can you offer at different price points?

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