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Thursday, February 23 – Want Insider Help on Running a Successful Speaking Biz?

As a motivational “speecher” and entrepreneur throughout the dot com/dot bomb and 2008 eras, I know what it takes to survive. Join me for an innovative look at running your speaking business as a business and discover how to:

  1. Write compelling titles that puts “butts in seats”

  2. Avoid the one word that prevents prospects from registering

  3. Grab flawless recall so that you get spin-off speeches

  4. Behind-the-scene truths about “free speeches,” getting paid, and taking credit cards

  5. Intersperse the 48 “magic” words that get attendees to buy

  6. Ring up sales in the back of the room even if you’ve been told you can’t

  7. Master the “10 Commandments of Speaking” so that you have a repeatable model that works

Speaking as a Biz: Insider Secrets to Creating a Sustainable and Profitable Career!

Thursday, February 23, 2012 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM Hera Hub 9710 Scranton Rd. Suite 160, San Diego, CA 92121

$249 Attendee $125 Branding Club Members FREE VIP Coaching Clients

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