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Time to Speak Better; It’s Go Time!

Time to Speak Better; It’s Go Time!

  1. Do you get tongue-tied trying to get your point across?

  2. Are you dreading like the plague leading the next Zoom meeting?

  3. Do you cringe when you hear a recording of your own voice?

  4. Is there a pit in your stomach when you must give a presentation?

  5. Do you wish you sounded more eloquent and polished on sales calls?

  6. Are you ready for your acceptance speech?

Customized One-on-One Coaching

Is this you? If so, welcome to one-on-one speaking and presentation coaching with me! Over the last few years, I’ve worked with 79 leaders, sales experts, and entrepreneurs who want (and need!) to speak better.

Trust me: these professionals don’t want to become professional speakers, but they do want to get more comfortable speaking in the board room or the Zoom room; they must captivate, persuade, and motivate their audience.

Results-Focused Sessions

In intense 90-minute sessions, we work on YOUR issues, YOUR speech patterns, YOUR stories. This is not a pre-recorded on-line course, but a customized program based on achieving YOUR goals.

Are we the right fit? Book a no-obligation, no fee, (no kidding) conversation with me.

What my awesome clients say about working with me:

When it comes to mentoring, you are awesome! Ashiss Dash, Infosys
Liz is a master of words, so brainstorming with her is a rollercoaster into the depth of who you really are and what you offer. Amber Campion
Liz is a ball of fire, an adrenaline injection in your staff and a wise brand adviser all in one. If you have not yet hired Liz for your company, you are missing out. I know I did, to the delight of our stakeholders. Helene Blanchette My Jane, LLC
Liz is the best in the Biz. Don’t miss a change to work with Liz!!! Bob Dietrich BrainWorx
If you have a chance to be coached by her, do not pass it up! Candi Block Right Hearted Weddings
Liz has a way with words; she transformed how I speak about my business. Erika Cole Gillette Rockstar Academics
Thanks so much for your expertise, insights, and way with words!!! Sarita Maybin

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