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Top 5 No-No’s to Know in Running Your Business

Having spent so much time with my wonderful coaching clients this week, it became clear that there are a few rules you should know.

Top 5 No-No’s to Know in Running Your Business

  1. Never start a speech with a question – When you start your talk with a question, you confuse the audience.  Imagine that I have just taken the stage and ask “How many of you want to make more money?”  You’re confused, because you don’t know if you’re supposed to answer, raise your hand, shout out a response, or if the question is merely rhetorical.  Lesson: Never ask a rhetorical question in a speech!

  2. Don’t give away any “tips” – Tips are pithy, cheap and unworthy.  Strategies, suggestions, rules and guidelines are valuable.

  3. Helping verbs don’t help – Write a piece of copy and then delete extraneous words such as “very” and “help.”  Compare: “I am very eager to meet with you” to “I am eager to meet with you.”

  4. Don’t create a complicated pricing system – Simplicity rules in pricing.  Make all music downloads $0.99 or all CD’s $29.99.  My fave client, Hacienda de las Rosas, made pricing easier for all when they switched to a simple $10 tasting fee.

  5. Don’t invest in recurring costs until your biz supports it – Many of my clients want a fancy website and shopping cart, but until revenue is pouring in, us a pay-as-you-go system such as PayPal.  The mantra here is: revenues before expenses.

Can YOU share a No-No?  Join the conversation by commenting below.

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