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VIDEO Words of Lizdom: Should you go out on top?

Video: Should you go out on top?

Did Eli Manning Miss his Window? Are the Gaines Fixed for Success?

After 5 seasons, Chip and Joanna Gaines have announced that they are leaving their top-rated HGTV Show Fixer Upper. It’s a risky move. After all, over 3 million folks tune in every week to see them transform dilapidated dumps into dream homes. Will out of sight lead to outta mind? Or, even out of business?

They are leaving at the top of their game with a joint venture with Target, their own magazine The Magnolia Journal plus their Magnolia Market at the Silos in Waco.Remember that if you pull the plug on your big awareness channel, you run the risk of out of sight leading to out of mind and out of business! Click To Tweet

In a different industry, quarterback Eli Manning was unceremoniously benched by the Giant’s coach for this week’s game. Eli, with 2 Super Bowl rings and 222 starts under his belt, has had a tough time this season starting 0-5. Sitting on the bench is the antithesis of going out on top. In fact, I recommend that he retire as soon as possible. Why?

Benefits of Going Out on Top

When you retire on top, we remember you as great; you become frozen in time; we turn you from player into legend. Heck! We even build monuments!When you retire on-top, you turn from brand into legend. Click To Tweet

“It’s good to go out on top. I’ve won five elections in Utah,” Jason Chaffetz told Fox News after announcing his plans to leave office next year. Michael Jordan, Pete Sampras, Steffi Graf, and even Daniel Day-Lewis have all said goodbye while at the top of their game.

BUT, what happens when you say goodbye to your star vehicle and try a different path? You might end up like Shelley Long; remember her? She thought the “star” was so bright that she could walk away from Cheers, but she never secured that type of success again. Or, my fave redhead David Caruso. He’s best-known for leaving after 1 year on NYPD Blue in 1984 to start a film career. Virtually all his films bombed. His saving grace was CSI Miami which he joined in 2002.

So, the concern is real: if you leave a big project, make sure you fill in the holes with other huge top-of-mind awareness techniques to ensure you and your image don’t drown.

To your sizzling success,


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