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What are your Words of Lizdom? Why You Must Create Your Own Branded Vocabulary

Competition is everywhere, but here’s a secret weapon for you: epigrams. That’s right – amusing ways to capture your words and messages. These are words and phrases that are proprietary – that belong to your brand only. “Elementary” as Doctor Watson would reply.

If, for example, my by-line at the end of this blog, read: “Liz Goodgold is a curiously strong branding expert,” you might instantly think of Altoids Mints which has been using that tagline for over 25 years. It is not trademark infringement, but mindshare infringement!

3 Reasons Why A Branded Vocabulary Works

Creating a “branded vocabulary” takes work, but allows brands to:

  1. Differentiate – It strikes a line in the sand between “us” and “them”

  2. Reiterate – After all, BMW, is still the ultimate “driving machine”

  3. Repudiate – There are designer shoes… and then there are Manolo Blahnik’s

“On brand” words and phrases can be created, twisted, or merely stolen from the dictionary and turned into “ownable” words. New Orleans chef Emeril Lagasse repeatedly exclaims “bam” after adding ingredients so that it’s become his signature phrase. His colleague on the Food Network, Sandra Lee, built an empire based upon her Semi-Homemade created term. And, rival Rachel Ray turned Extra Virgin Olive Oil into her trademarked phrase of “EVOO.”

In this blog post, you’ll see all of my Words of Lizdom curated and designed by the best darn copywriter, Anne McColl. It was a beautiful thank you gift that I cherish.

What are your epigrams? Fire away in the comments below.

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