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What No One Ever Tells You About Writing A Book: 4 Eye-Opening Insights From a Seasoned Author

A startling 93% of all Americans want to write a book. As a business owner, there is no quicker path to credibility, publicity, new business, and speaking opportunities than penning your voice in your area of expertise.

Even though my third book How to Speak Gooder: Brand-New Rules for Public Speaking in a Digitally Distracted World  is now available, it doesn’t mean that there weren’t’ new “aha’s” and learning moments created from this venture.

  1. Self-Publishing Doesn’t Mean You have to Do It all By Yourself – I don’t know about you, but my biz is NOT publishing books; it’s speaking, consulting, and coaching. As a result, my time is best used doing the things that use my brilliance and hire someone else to work the book. (I recommend Bethany Kelly as your book project manager).

  2. You Don’t Have to Sell Your Book to Make Money – Really! Determine your goal of book writing and then pursue it.  My objective of this book was to get booked for more speeches and it’s working.

  3. Fish Don’t See Water – Trust me: you are too close to your own work to challenge assumptions, catch style edits, or even detect typos. Hire another set of eyes to help!

  4. You MUST Make Time to Write the Book – Every moment you work on your book feels as if you taking time away from more profitable work. Wrong! Writing is only unprofitable in the short run, but makes tons of cents in the long term.

If you want to talk to me more about book writing, ask questions, or even hear key content from the book, Join Laurie Itkin and me for a business discussion on how and why we published our new books Tuesday, April 21st 6:30 – 8:30pm as well as key takeaway advice for you! Sponsored by Hera Hub. Register Here

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