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Who Nabbed The Gold, Bronze Or Silver In Personal Branding From The Olympics?

4 Key Lessons

Whew! After 17 days of the Olympics, it’s finally over and we can reflect on who medaled in branding and the key lessons we can learn.

  1. Answer the Question Everyone is Asking  – Bob Costas took the right approach by veering from his script on day 1, to explain his red eye. I remember a similar plight when I only spray tanned ½ of my legs and had to explain to my audience why I looked like a leper.  Even if you think it’s not relevant to your topic, take a moment to honestly chat with your audience.

  2. Hold Your Head High – Despite all of the hype, Shaun White failed to medal in his signature snowboarding event. Did he give excuses? Nope! Did he still show up the day after defeat and talk with Matt Lauer? Yep! “I don’t think one night makes or breaks my career.” Entrepreneurs: are you listening? One bad assignment, article or speech does not end your career, it just give you ammunition for improvement.

  3. Celebrate Your Victories – After 17 years of dancing together,  Meryl Davis and Charlie White win gold. You can say that they were the gold medal favorites, but that defeats their victory. The #1 advice I give clients is to stop and celebrate your success; it wasn’t luck, but hard work.

  4. Laugh at Yourself – The 5th Olympic ring didn’t open in the opening ceremony – no big deal.  BUT, how about that comeback in the closing ceremonies? The Russians actually poked fun at themselves. Me? My giggles are loud because there is always time for a hearty laugh.

What did you learn from the Olympics? Please share in the comments below.

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