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Why Branding is Your Secret Sauce in Nailing Your Job Interview!

Yippee! Summer is almost here which means it’s that hopeful time when teenagers try to land their first job and new grads seek the jobs of their dreams. BUT, how do you prepare?

And, how can branding put you one step ahead of your competitors?

Since branding is all about reflecting the authentic “you,” now is the time to step out of cookie-cutter resumes, ho-hum skill sets (“great communication skills….”), and share your “cool quotient.”  Master the 5 steps below and you’ll nail the interview!

5 Steps to Nailing Your Job Interview!

  1. Share Your Cool Quotient – Ensure your interviewer knows the real you. Share how you spent the summer in Somalia planting water. Or, highlight the hip band you started even though you can’t sing.  Or, the innovative way you created funding for an electric car. You get the picture.

  2. Ace the “Tell me About Yourself” Question –  You know the question is coming, right? So, don’t hmmm and haw, but create a 2-3 sentence cool summary of WHO you are, WHY you’re different and WHAT you offer an employer.

  1. Sell Your Inexperience – For the first time, I want you to “sell” your inexperience in a particular industry to a potential employer. Too many companies are inhaling their own fumes! They need your perspective; they need your outsider’s view. Let them know.

  2. Prepare a Summary Statement – At the end of the interview, you’ll undoubtedly be asked, “do you have any final questions for me?” When they ask, you’ll respond with your summary as to the 3 good reasons they should hire you. Strong and succinct.

  1. Ask for the Job – Remember: there is no selling until you ask a question (This is a refrain I repeat often to my clients). Ask if you are on their short list; ask if they had to make a decision today, would they hire you? If not, ask why not? Questions are the answers to your job search.

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