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Why Christmas is Better Branded Than Hanukah!

Why Christmas is Better Branded Than Hanukah!

7 Reasons Why the Nod Goes to Saint Nick

Oy vey! Perhaps I’ve figured out why I always wanted to celebrate Christmas over Hanukah – it’s better branded! It boasts every key element of a red-hot brand:

  1. Consistency – It’s ALWAYS on December 25; no need to Google when Hanukah starts every year; this consistency builds “flawless recall.”

  2. Brand Vocabulary – It’s time to be “merry” or “jolly,” but “yule” never get anything like that with Hanukah.#Xmas wins over #hanukah for #BrandVocabulary: There’s “merry” or “jolly,” but nada for my tribe L Click To Tweet

  3. Strong Mascot– Santa Claus joins the legends of Ronald McDonald, Jolly Green Giant, and the Energizer Bunny. Mascots embrace an entire personality of a brand; the dreidel is a lifeless icon.

  4. Great Tunes– Big thanks to Adam Sandler for updating The Hanukah Song, but Christmas gets the nod with so many wonderful tunes: Joy To The World, Jingle Bells, Little Drummer Boy, 12 Days of Christmas….

  5. Signature Scent – Ahhhh, the smell of Christmas that triggers an emotional response: pine trees and fresh snow; what does Hanukah smell like?#hanukah needs a signature scent; hmm; what should it smell like; latkes? Click To Tweet

  6. Pop Culture – Christmas pervades pop culture: Pentatonix, Michael Bublé, Mariah, Garth, and even Neil Diamond have introduced holiday albums. This year brings us an updated Bad Santa, Office Christmas Party, and Almost Christmas. I just have one question: isn’t it time Spielberg or Weinstein produced a successful Hanukah film?

  7. Great Imagery -Trees, lights, reindeers, snowmen, coal, stockings, candy canes, and sleighs all make an appearance at Christmas time. Us Jews settle for our menorah; darn!

BUT, perhaps Hanukah wins when it comes to food (have you tried my latkes?) and tradition.

Wishing you a healthy and happy holiday season,


PS: What did I miss? What’s your take? Please share below. (and yes, astute readers, a version of this blog appeared in 2015)

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