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Why Drake University is Getting A Failing Grade

College Graduate

With all of the gusto put behind back-to-school promotions, I’m still scratching my head

over Drake University’s new campaign featuring a huge letter D+. Yep, Drake University is running a new marketing campaign effectively touting its subpar performance: “Drake University – D+ The Drake Advantage.”

It seems more like the “D” stands for dumb and disastrous. Given the almost universal recognition of this grade as barely passing, it’s hard to figure out why the college thought this approach was a great idea. I say they should retake this test! Apple And speaking of school, I was horrified to read the first email from my son’s new middle school with this subject line: Opning of School. Gee, “I is hopen me kid mite graduite.”

What’s the Lesson Here? It’s hard to change perception. We will probably always remember the standard grading system and it’s hard to alter that = an “A” is excellent and an “F” is failing.

No surprise then that Alabama adopted the A+ Partnership name for its program to improve education at public school. Now, this brand gets a = gold

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