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Why Fish Don’t See Water

At some point, all of us have to write about ourselves. Ugh! We need a bio, a LinkedIn profile, or a one-sheet.

I get it; talking about yourself is hard: you have to walk the fine line between branding and bragging.

3 Reasons Why It’s Hard to Write About Ourselves

  1. Fish Don’t See Water – Virtually none of us have the clarity to see ourselves objectively. And, it’s exactly the outsider perspective that each of us needs in order to write about ourselves.

  2. Childhood Flashbacks Afflict Us – We’ve been told since we were little to not toot our own horn that we’ve forgotten that occasionally we need to make some noise.

  3. We Have Amnesia – We forget some of our brilliant accomplishments. For example, in a coaching session yesterday a client forgot to tell me that she was a master trainer for one of the largest companies in the US!

So, here’s the deal: YOU MUST get outside help. And here are 2 tools to help:

  1. My Branded Bio Webinar – This is a chock-a-block full of meaty content to jumpstart your bio. You master how to add your brand DNA, demonstrate your core competency, and effortlessly put it all together that allows you to enter the limelight. On demand now and just $29 with this code: SPECIAL. Order Now

branded bio
  1. Done-for-You Branded Bio – If you have been struggling and just can’t seem to get it going, leave it to me! With a one-on-one phone session, I extract the key elements of your history to write a bio that sizzles. $997, but just $797 if you use this code: HOTBIO. Order Now

Remember: If you can’t sell the brand called YOU, how will you get hired? Promoted? Or booked?

Please share comments or ask questions in the comments below.

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