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Why Fish Don’t See Water: The Explosive Power of an Outsider’s Perspective

Why Fish Don’t See Water: The Explosive Power of an Outsider’s Perspective

Have you ever had a prospect meeting in which you got asked if you had their industry experience? It happens all the time to me and I boldly state “No! Nope, I know nothing about karate, Pilates, health care, golf, or even beer. And, as an outsider, that’s why I’ll be your perfect coach/consultant.”

Wait, what? Yes, I’m saying it’s time to stop limiting yourself by hiring industry experts. Let me put it this way: If you keep hiring the same type of people, you get the same type of solutions. Do you really want the same, old marketing tactics that everyone else is using?Hiring an #outsider gives you a new perspective. Click To Tweet

Hiring an outsider gives you a fresh point of view; it also prevents you from inhaling your own fumes. I’ve just finished writing Frequently Asked Questions for Bonita Pilates and Yoga and Bridge2Breakthru Karate. Since I have never taken Pilates or karate, I quickly spit out the exact questions any first-timer would have. Asking my questions also challenged assumptions as in “I don’t know; we’ve always done it that way.”Don’t be afraid to hire a #marketing agnostic expert; you must look at old problems with new eyes. Click To Tweet

When it comes to hiring, it makes sense to look outside your industry. In the upside-down world of healthcare, a Harvard article quotes Dr. Rushika Fernandopulle, “We recruit for attitude and train for skill. We don’t recruit from health care.”Are you losing out on great #JobCandidates because you require #IndustryExperience? Click To Tweet

My great girlfriend is a perfect candidate for a law firm job. But, I’m confident they won’t hire her because she hasn’t done the exact same time for a different law firm. Insane!

Let me ask you: are you looking for an expert? Are you ready to hire an assistant? Do you need a new staff member? Review the job criteria carefully and see if industry experience really is a pre-requisite. Perhaps a whip-smart, industry agnostic expert might just fit the bill.

Share your story in challenging the stereotype about having to have industry experience. I’d love to hear.

To your sizzling success!


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