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Why I Don’t Speak for Free!

Why I Don’t Speak for Free!

Don't speak for free

I get it—these are tough economic times; but I’ve just hit the breaking point over being asked not only to speak for free, but also to pay for the privilege!

If entrepreneurs or organizations don’t pay to hear my Words of Lizdom—or yours—then they’re not valued: folks don’t pay attention, you don’t get treated with respect, and you’ve taught your customers that your content isn’t worth the price.

Let me be clear: I don’t need the practice, I don’t need the experience, and the sales gibberish of “spin off” business is pure fantasy.

I’d love to speak to your group on how to “brand better, speak gooder, and write righter,” but I run a business and deserve to be paid. In short: My content is valuable and I’m not giving it away. AND, neither should you!

Do folks ask developers to just create an app for them for the experience? Does Garth Brooks perform for free because the economy is in dire straits? Do you expect your doctors to treat you for no payment?

So, I’m tired and not going to take it anymore.

OK, I’m off my soap box 😊



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